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WP Defender

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WP Defender will regularly check each website it’s installed on for plugin and theme updates.



  • Download WP Defender from Basecamp –
  • Install it and visit the main WP Defender dashboard. It’ll ask to do a quick scan – go ahead and let it.
  • Once the scan it complete, click the button towards the top to install the WPMU Dashboard
  • Once that is installed, a new menu will appear at the top left of the admin dashboard. Click it and login using the credentials at the above link.
  • Go back to plugins, update WP Defender. Now that the Pro version is installed it will likely want to do a more thorough scan when you visit it again. Go ahead and do that.
  • Head to the WPMU Dashboard using the same credentials from above, find the website in the website list, and automate the updates for all plugins.