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E-Commerce Checklist

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What we need in CSV spreadsheet from the client:
  • Each simple product as a separate row
  • Each possible combination of options for a variable products as a separate row (i.e., a Red, XL “Deluxe T-shirt” would be a different row than Blue, M “Deluxe T-shirt” even though they’re the “same product”)

Also, the following columns in the spreadsheet:

  • A SKU for each row
  • A description for each row
  • A price for each row – if price has any discounts depending user roles, include columns for each (if there are upcharges for certain product options, include the full upcharged price for that option)
  • Tax status/rate/class for each row
  • Shipping class/rate for each row
  • Category/categories information for each row, whether hierarchical or otherwise
  • An image for each row (including images for each of the option combinations in variable products)
  • Optional: physical attributes – height, length, weight, etc.
  • Optional: stock status and amount, if managing inventory online

We will also need to know:

  • Paypal info – at least the email connected with their Paypal account
  • Shipping zones/rates that are store-wide
  • Any other payment gateways besides Paypal
  • Optional: any coupon codes as desired

We need to discuss:

  • Plans for hosting (do they need PCI compliant hosting?)
  • Need for dedicated IP
  • Need for additional SSL (compared to the basic protection on our server)
  • Any strange/weird/additional needs for the store, such as:
  • Pre-orders for items
  • Custom product builders
  • Custom order numbers
  • Integrations with calendars/tickets
  • Downloadable products
  • Advanced pricing breakdowns
  • Integrations with other Ecommerce platforms/sites
  • Spirit stores